Onsite Advisory

Onsite Advisory


Our team can quickly get you started with any digital pressure testing operations. Our experts provide added assistance onsite for IPT Global customers based on their support needs. We tailor our expert personnel to meet your requirements and provide pressure testing recommendations that are backed by proven performance data and experience. Our team proudly serves as testing and troubleshooting experts for your entire pressure testing operations between all stakeholders. 

We provide professional assistance that ensures your operations and team are receiving the full benefits of SureTec. Our service team stands above the rest as true subject matter experts in the field of digital pressure testing. Let us help you get started today.

We're Here to Help you get Started

  • Site surveys and installations
  • Network and equipment setup 
  • Product orientation for teams

Guiding the Testing Process at any Location

  • Offshore installations
  • Onshore facilities and offices
  • Manufacturing and equipment testing locations

Leading in Experience across Multiple Rig Types and Operations

ipt global onsite advisory

Rig Types

  • Drillship
  • Jack-Up
  • LWIV
  • Platform
  • Semi-Sub
  • Spar
  • TLP

Spud to P&A 

  • Drilling
  • Completions
  • Intervention
  • Production
  • P&A