IPT Global LLC announces the release of SureTec® Version 4: expanded, fit-for purpose digital pressure testing software tools for the oil and gas industry

IPT Global announces SureTec v4, the latest release of their industry-leading software platform. SureTec v4 is a suite of digital pressure testing software applications that are designed to support a wide array of pressure testing operations across the oil and gas industry.

The SureTec v4 platform includes SureTec FLEX™, SureTec ONE™ and SureTec PLUS™, which all feature the same award-winning technology for the digital pressure testing industry. Each product was designed from the ground-up with specific features to meet the unique challenges of the oil and gas industry - both offshore and onshore.

The development of the various SureTec applications represents a major step forward in expanding the benefits of these safety and assurance technologies throughout the industry. Alan Sansovich, CEO of IPT Global, strongly understood the need to create specific, fit-for-purpose software. “Our customers truly drove the development of these exciting tools,” Alan stated. “The software is the product of several years of in-house research, development and innovation.”

Users of the SureTec v4 platform have access to SureView®, our cloud-based tool for archiving and remotely viewing all pressure tests. SureView provides data insights that illustrate the complete picture of pressure testing and supports collaboration between users around the globe.


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