The use of big data and technology in the Oil and Gas industry is here to stay. At IPT Global, we're leading the digital oilfield revolution by compiling, analyzing and implementing ways to effectively use data that produce dramatic cost savings. Here’s what data can do for your business.

Streamline Operations

Use the insight big data provides to streamline and improve your processes. With data, your business can quit guessing about the inefficiencies in your workflow. Simply turn to the data across the board to see where improvements can be made.

Provide Impartial Input

Humans tend to err on the side of caution- and quite simply, data does not. It provides consistent results that leave nothing open to interpretation. The data provides everyone - from your internal employees to your customers - with the facts, not opinions.

Think Outside the Box

Big data can help your business identify emerging and unexpected industry trends. The results that data provides can help you see the bigger picture before your competitors - even stopping potential problems before they begin.

Redefine the Limits

When data streamlines your operations, your business can push the limits of technology - even redefine them - by streamlining processes and mitigating risk. One individual test might not tell your business much, but over time, patterns emerge that show how you can accurately create new approaches which safely push the boundaries.

What do we Know?

Big data is here to stay. The way we, as an industry, adapt to the digital revolution and changing landscape will define how we continue to grow and innovate. At IPT Global, we are committed to the creation of technology that produces data which provides unrivaled confidence in our customers equipment, processes and workflows.  

IPT Global, LLC is a Houston, Texas based digital pressure testing and barrier management company. In 2017, we saved a Gulf of Mexico Supermajor upwards of $50 Million, using big data from our SureTec® software to redefine processes and create new technical limits. IPT is certified for use by BSEE in the Gulf of Mexico and accepted by global regulatory bodies across the industry. Email us at [email protected] to learn more.