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Leading the Digital Pressure Testing Industry

  • We create and develop our software in-house. No outsourcing. That means we review all feedback and develop technology and tools that are driven by you- the customer.

  • We strive to provide simple, yet powerful testing in one single system. Conduct all your pressure tests easily with our tools from start to finish.

  • When we say we're available 24/7/365, we mean it. Our US-based Real-Time Operations Center provides a cutting-edge facility and expert personnel that monitor your tests, provide support and demonstrate first-class customer service.

  • Simply put, IPT Global provides the complete solution for digital pressure testing across every segment of the industry. Offshore. Onshore. Anywhere.

Regulatory Compliance
Critical Path Savings
More Efficient

Our Journey | Our Story

Leading the digital oilfield revolution


  • Approved as primary validation for Subsea Test Trees


  • Performed the fastest ever subsea BOP test using BSEE-approved criteria
  • Introduced subsea tree testing capabilities


  • Eclipsed $1 billion in industry savings
  • Tested subsea BOP in world record water depth (+11,000’)
  • Introduced ROV Testing


  • Achieved BSEE approval as primary validation for casing and completion tests
  • Achieved ISO 9001 Certification
  • Introduced Wellbore Schematics and P&A testing capabilities
  • Introduced coiled tubing schematics and testing
  • Became the global standard for testing capping stacks


  • Released SureTec® Version 3.1
  • Became the only BSEE-approved efficiency algorithm for stump testing
  • Launched SureView® – cloud-based data archival and analytics
  • Established the In-House Assurance Advisory Service


  • Released SureTec® Version 2.4 - enhanced analysis delivers greater efficiency
  • Developed completions capabilities and service
  • Established In-House Advisory Service


  • Released SureTec® Version 2 - schematics provide component coverage and assurance
  • Deployed Real-Time Operations Center (RTOC) to provide remote monitoring and support for pressure testing


  • Introduced test plan management
  • Demonstrated first stump testing capabilities

2010 - IPT Founded

  • Released SureTec® Version 1 - TCLD brings unprecedented time savings and assurance to the O&G industry
  • Developed BSEE-approved digital pressure testing software

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Didn't find what you were looking for? Please contact us for more info.